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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Forum Rules

    To maintain order in this forum, here are some rules that you should follow:

    1. (a) Don't post nude photos of girls under 18 years old!
    ....(b) Hardcore, pissing, squirting, and scat photos, videos, and links aren't allowed (hardcore = visible male genitals or cum). This applies to hardcore cartoons as well.
    ....(c) Links to sites and pages with hardcore ads or banners ARE allowed. Posting these links will NOT be considered the same as posting hardcore.
    ....(d) Any picture, link or comment, judged unsuitable or controversial by the Admin or Mods will be deleted!

    2. (a) Don't post links to other websites, unless the link is on topic. Even then only post links directly to a page with the photos/videos of the subject of the topic.
    ....(b) Don't post links to other Boards/forums.
    ....(c) Don't post links to Yahoo Groups or MSN Groups.

    3. (a) New users (with 0 posts) are NOT allowed to post in topics which have 5 pages or more, or in the request sections.
    ....(b) Your first post must include a valid, on topic, photo/link.
    ....(c) Your first post can't contain an unidentifiable pic, otherwise it will be deleted!
    ....(d) Do not post thumbnail sized pictures, unless it's a preview to the full-size picture.

    4. (a) Do not post off-topic! All posts with off-topic or duplicate content will be deleted.
    ....(b) Do a Search before starting a new topic! Duplicate topics will be merged with the original topic, or deleted.
    ....(c) Topic titles must contain a name or a pseudonym of a girl it's about, unless it is in the "COLLECTIONS" Forum, or it will be deleted!
    ....(d) When starting a new topic it is customary to include at least one photo of the subject of the topic, links alone are NOT acceptable.
    ....(e) The maximum number of pics per post is 24. If you have more than 24 pics in a post you will be asked to edit your post to comply with this rule. If you fail to do so after 3 days your post will be deleted. Members should be advised that emoticons count as pics.

    5. (a) When posting a link to a video or an archive, such as a ZIP file or an RAR file, you are required to include a preview pic, a brief description, and the size of the video or archive in MBs. All posts not meeting these three requirements will be deleted!
    ....(b) Do not post duplicate images unless they are larger and/or higher quality than those previously posted.
    ....(c) Links to previously posted sets or videos may be posted provided that they are different to those already posted and that they follow rule 5(a).

    6. Dont post full size pics (Hotlink). Maximum size for attached images is [750 x 550 (width x height)]. Dont post thumbnails as pics. Post your pics as clickable thumbnails using one of our approved image hosts, (list below).
    Thumbnails should be at least 100 pixels wide for viewability. Thumbnails must be an accurate preview of the whole larger image (not cropped).

    7. (a) No spamming! All spam will be deleted! And the poster banned.
    ....(b) No flaming! Although we accept good natured name calling, teasing, ribbing, jokes, and the occasional argument in the forums, derogatory flames, religious, or racial insults will not be tolerated!
    ....(c) Do not incite flame wars! People come here to enjoy their favorite topics, not to have their tastes insulted! If you don't like a celebrity, stay out of her topic!
    ....(d) Treat the Mods/Admins with respect. We work hard to ensure that the forums are clean and run as smoothly as possible. If you continue to respect us, we will continue to respect you.

    8. Do not offer, ask for or post passwords to paysites!!

    9. Frequent posts to the same topic on the same day with just a few pics or links will be merged or deleted.

    10. Signatures are allowed but must conform to these constraints:
    .... "A signature is a little text that can be added at the bottom of your posts. It's limited to 355 characters on 5 line(s) and 3 image(s) with none larger than 150 height x 500 width pixels and for a maximum of 120 KB. In your text, no more than 100 characters without space too."

    11. Allowed Image Hosts:
    cdn.to (free.cdn.to)

    Allowed large file hosts:
    depositfiles.com aka dfiles.eu
    keep2share.cc also k2s.cc
    uploaded.to (.net)

    Other hosts may be allowed if agreed by the mods first (ask).

    12. Don't ask people to send you stuff on your e-mail. That's what the forum is for.

    13. When you want to make a request, posting your favorite photos in the topic is recommended.

    14. Banned Image hosts and sites:

    .... 4shared.com
    .... cocoimage.com
    .... dippic.com
    .... dumparump.com
    .... ImageBunk.com
    .... imagesion.com
    .... Imgdino.com
    .... ImGiga.com
    .... Lazygirls.info
    .... oron.com
    .... photobucket.com
    .... picfoco.com
    .... picjackal
    .... picsharebunny
    .... shareapic.net
    .... unleashedpics.com
    .... uppix.info
    .... or other hosts using Chevereto

    If you notice that you can not see your post(s), it was deleted by a Mod or Admin because it broke one of these rules. Members with 0 posts are not able to see the links. The Mods use the boards Private Message system to notify members of problems with their posts, so if your post is missing check your Private Messages inbox.

    We operate on the three strike system. The first two times that you break a rule you get a warning. The third offense gets you banned.

    ================================================== ===============

    Collections specific rules:

    1. Do not post single models in the collections thread, each topic will have certain subject matter, stick to it. Off topic posts will be removed.
    2. Topic titles must contain details of the theme.
    3. No more than 5 pictures of the same model may be posted. If you have more then find or create that models thread in the Internet Models, Pornstars & other girls section.
    4. Site rips are NOT allowed here. Please post individual models in their own threads.
    5. Members with 0 posts are not allowed to post in this forum.
    Last edited by Danarchy; February 13th, 2018 at 01:18 PM. Reason: Deleted sharenxs.com, moved pimpandhost.com & imgbox.com

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    Re: Forum Rules

    Updated 9th March 2016

    Added HitFile.net

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    Re: Forum Rules

    pimpandhost.com added to the Allowed Image Hosts:


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